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2019 Longest Line: Breaking the RV World Record

It was the weekend we’d all been waiting for! The breaking of the RV World Record for the longest line.

The Green RV team were extremely hyped to be a Major Sponsor of the Australian Motorhome Lions Club for the second year in a row in their attempt to break the world record! It had been everything we had anticipated with the overall success of the event and the breaking of a World Records! Continue reading on to learn more!


Friday 24th May 2019,

The Green RV team headed out to a small town in Western Queensland called Barcaldine. Here we met with a group of Australian RV Grey Nomad enthusiasts, who were all ready to tackle the current world record. This world record dated back 16 years for the Longest Line of Motorhomes, Caravans, Campervans and Fifth-wheelers in Canelli, Italy. This record consisted of 672 camping vehicles in June 2003.

Longest Line

First Attempt to Break A World Record

Saturday 25th May 2019,

On the first day, we all drove ten kilometres outside of Barcaldine to prepare for the first attempt of ‘The Longest Parade of LED Light’s, Fires and Flies’ record. With all these caravans in a line, why not attempt to break two world records? So, on Saturday night we attempted to take the Longest Continuous Image of caravan, RV and motorhome lights.

As the sun went down, The Australian Motorhome Lions Club lined up all the lights alongside the caravans. The bright strip ran for a total of 5,974.66 metres, lighting up the countryside with various different colours. The current record is 665 metres, so we had our fingers crossed this was enough to set a new world record.

Once the attempt had been set, all of the happy campers stayed lined up along the Barcaldine bitumen in their poll positions and commenced the celebrations with campfires for as far as you can see! With horns tooting, people cheering and plenty of singing, our new world record attempt could be seen for kilometres as pictured below.

Longest Line

Breaking the RV World Record

Sunday 26th May 2019,

After a long night of celebrations, we all woke up Sunday bright and early to prepare for the second world record attempt. This was the reason we were all there and you could feel the excitement in the air. As we all arose from our pleasant night’s sleep, you could hear the sound of BBQ’s being fired up in every direction. Everyone had a smile that was from ear to ear, and we were extremely excited for the day to come.

A fun fact for those who are unfamiliar with this world record, but the Longest Line has to be moving for it to qualify! So once everyone was ready, we started up the vehicles at 9.45am and began travelling over the World Record finish line, until the last motorhome crossed the line 1.5 hours later. Throughout this journey, everyone had their horns and music blaring in the distance continuing the celebrations in town once the dust had settled. This was a fantastic adventure that Green RV was proud to be a part of and we cannot wait for many more in the future!

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of the organisers of this event, The Australian Motorhome Lions Club, Barcaldine Council and all the other volunteers for their hard work and dedication to making this event a huge success.

Stay tuned for more awesome content coming in the next few weeks on the Longest Line! In the meantime, feel free to send us an email or call us on 07 5356 5000 if you have any questions or queries on any of the brand-new RV, motorhomes or caravan we stock at Green RV.