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4 Tips to Perfect Backyard Camping

With the family stuck at home, and all plans cancelled, now is the perfect time to take the kids on an adventure of a lifetime. Here are our 4 Tips to Perfect Backyard Camping.

1. Plan Ahead

Just like a normal camping trip, plan ahead. Pack your bags and stock the esky, get everyone involved in helping with the preparation. The goal here is to make the experience as authentic as possible.

2. Get Everyone Involved

Parents, it’s time to get the kids involved. Teach them how to pitch a tent and build a fire. Show them how to have fun outdoors. Leaving technology in the house, have fun keeping an eye out for shooting stars, eating roasted marshmallows and helping cook dinner. Getting the kids out of their comfort zone will make the night memorable.

3. Have Activities on Hand

Before the sunsets, have the kids play a scavenger hunt- this can be set up to “hunt” the ingredients you need for dinner by hiding packages around the backyard, to find firewood or to learn more about the eco-systems in your backyard. When the novelty of campfires and star gazing wear off, be prepared with some board games, scary stories or a movie in the tent.

4. Go with the Flow

Sometimes we have to break the rules to have fun. Tonight, the curfew might not be enforced, the excitement of being outside will keep the kids wide awake for a while- but they will fall asleep eventually. The chance that the little ones will tough it through the night are low. If they head back inside at some point in the night, that’s okay. The only goal is to have fun!

Take this trying time as an opportunity to form new bonds with your family and give the kids happy memories that will last a lifetime.”