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5 Awesome Caravan Tips

Velvet Covered Coat Hangers

Velvet or flock covered coat hangers are just the best invention for caravanners. Because of the velvet covering on them, your clothes will ‘stick’ onto them so they won’t fall off even on the roughest road. Even soft floaty tops stay put. Also they are not as wide as other coat hangers so you are able to fit more clothes into your cupboard space.

A box of 30 hangers from K-Mart will set you back a mere $9.00!


Non Slip Rubber Matting

This is an absolute must have in a caravan. It is perfect for lining the insides of cupboards and drawers to stop things sliding about. It is also handy to place in between things that you don’t want to rub together like saucepans. Buy the one that looks like mesh and if you accidentally spill something on it, it can be washed off and dries in a flash.


Small Baskets

Small baskets can be used for so many things. They are great for filling up small spaces and stopping things from floating around. I have one in the bottom of the cupboard under the sink in an area which is long and narrow. It is perfect for storing my washing up detergent, spray, gloves and dish cloths.

I also have three small baskets that fit neatly in the cupboard above the hand basin. These hold medicines, toiletries and our toothbrushes. Make sure you measure the space you want the baskets for so as you can get the right sized ones.


Storage Containers

This is possibly more of a recommendation for a product than a tip – but if you have a caravan you must get yourself some rectangle Sistema storage containers. These containers come in four different sizes and are made of hard plastic that is shatter resistant.

The lid has a really tight fitting seal and the top of the lid is recessed so you can stack the containers on top of each other. They are perfect for storing flour, sugar, coffee – anything really. I have even kept crackers fresh in them for a month. That’s how good they are!

Sistema containers can be purchased at Woolworths or Coles and are regularly on special, sometimes for half price


Outside Mount for Jockey Wheel

There is no denying that space in a caravan is limited. One thing we did to free up space in the front boot was to mount the jockey wheel on the A-frame. Utilising a second jockey wheel clamp, we attached it to the main frame with two bolts and a plate. Now we have extra space in the boot and don’t have to worry about what the jockey wheel is sitting on or rubbing against.

Article courtesy of All Around Oz

Melissa and Brenden are passionate caravanners, campers and travellers. In fact they have been travelling together for over 20 years. They love nothing more than ‘taking the road less travelled’ and then sharing their travel adventures on their blog. Their aim is to support small businesses that operate in the tourism sector and promote tourism in rural and regional Australia.

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