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5 Tips For Staying Warm In Your Motorhome Or Caravan During Winter


Many of us love travelling in our motorhome or caravan during winter because it’s just too hot in summer and the risk of washed-out roads is too high. The only potential downside to travelling during the colder weather is that it can be really cold, particularly at night.

So, if you are heading off this winter, here are five tips that will help to keep you warm and toasty on your travels.

  • Tip 1: Check the Insulation in your downtime

Many older models don’t have adequate insulation, making them very cold in winter and hot in summer. The solution is to ensure that you have the right type of insulation for the windows, floors and roof. Fortunately, most new caravans come fully equipped with insulation, but that’s not always true for second-hand models.

With an older motorhome or caravan, it can be a major renovation job to insulate the walls and floor, but there are a few things you can do easily. One is to attach insulation around the hatches and to the ceiling fans in the ensuite, both of which can make a big difference to the temperature inside your vehicle.

  •  Tip 2: Consider the flooring in your motorhome or caravan

The flooring in older vehicles can be very sparse, visually unappealing and cold under your feet, particularly during winter. The most affordable solution is to use carpet offcuts with an underlay, layering rugs on top for extra insulation. This actually gives your ‘van a very homely feeling, as well as keeping it toasty during your trip.

  • Tip 3: Turn your bed into a warm and toasty nest

First of all, you want a good thick mattress, just the same as the one you have at home. It’s worth the additional expense because it provides lots of insulation and gives you a good night’s sleep. Top this off with a thick mattress protector, flannelette sheets and a fabulous thick doona. Last, you need a hot water bottle, which you should always leave in your motorhome or caravan because it’s a pain if you need to buy them on the road.

  • Tip 4: Sort out the internal heating situation

A small 240v electric space heater is most probably the cheapest option to purchase, but it requires mains power to run and it can trip the safety switches at caravan parks. Obviously, reverse cycle A/C is a great option and is often standard in new motorhomes or caravans, but they have the same power requirements as space heaters.

That leaves gas or diesel heaters, which are great for free camping, particularly in remote areas. Gas heaters will use the same propane as your stove and can keep you going for weeks at a time. The problem is that they need to be fitted by a qualified gas fitter. Diesel heaters, on the other hand, are a DIY install and often use the same fuel as your vehicle.

  • Tip 5: Dress for the weather

It’s a good idea to take lots of layers so that you can stay warm in the mornings and evenings, but as the day warms up, you can take off layers and still feel comfortable. Throw in a scarf and gloves for good measure and you will be all set!

  • Bonus Tip: Hot Showers – There is nothing quite like a hot shower for making everything right with the world, so if you are buying second hand, always check that this is included.
  • Bonus Tip: Camping Location – During winter, you want to park your motorhome or caravan in areas that receive more sun during the day, so that the residual heat lasts well into the evening.

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