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7 Money-Saving Caravan, Motorhome and RV Service Tips


We all know that a regular caravan, motorhome or RV service is essential for keeping us safe on the road. However, did you know you could save a significant amount of money by doing performing some regular checks yourself? Here are seven inspections and DIY repairs that will keep you out of the repair shop and on the road.

1. Wheel bearings

Check, regrease and adjust the wheel bearings every 10,000km and replace them every 40,000km. One of the biggest causes of broken wheel bearings is not having a regular RV, motorhome or caravan service. So, we recommend having the bearings checked at every service, to be safe.

2. Failed brakes

These should be tested and adjusted if needed, every 10,000km. t’s essential to check if the trailer brake electrics are correctly connected, the brake lights work, and the brakes operate successfully before setting off on your trip. A professional service will pick up any problems with your brakes, so make sure that they are inspected during every major RV, caravan or motorhome service.

3. Cracked or corroded axels

Long trips over hard potholed roads or corrugation can lead to excessive wear and tear on your axles, as well as heavy corrosion if you drive on the beach or in shallow saltwater. Axels should be inspected regularly and if you see anything that concerns you, book it in for a caravan, motorhome or RV service, as soon as possible.

4. Leaking seals

Regularly checking all the external seals on your vehicle will help to keep it watertight. This will help prevent any rain from finding its way into your vehicle or shallow water splashing up and entering. It’s a fact of life that all the seals will break down eventually through wear and tear, so catching them before they leak requires constant vigilance. Seals are not too difficult to fix yourself. However, if you don’t have the skills or the time, it’s easy to have them repaired when you book in for your next RV, motorhome or caravan service.

5. A broken hot water system

If this breaks down on the road, you won’t be a happy camper so check it every 12 months, at the very least. Individually, check that the sacrificial anode isn’t too worn and if it is, replace it quickly. Also, check that the pipes and fittings are all in good shape and replace any that look worn.

6. Battery problems

You must make sure that your battery is large enough to power all your needs. Even if you have solar or propane as alternative supplies, your battery still needs to do a certain amount of work. If you are overloading it or using the wrong size charger, it’s going to fail pretty soon. So, either make these checks yourself or ask the technician during your next caravan, motorhome or RV service.

7. Awnings and cables

Retractable awnings can jam and tear, and cables can fray, snap and stretch. Always check these before you leave for your next trip, leaving yourself enough time to make any repairs before the big day.

If you find a repair that’s outside your skill level or you just don’t have the time to fix contact Green RV today! Our RV, motorhome and caravan service team will have everything sorted for you in no time, so you’re back on the road ASAP.