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Caravans for Sale: Luxury Extras You Must Have!


As a wanderlust living life away from home, you’re bound to miss the creature comforts you’ve come used to. Privacy and comfort may be secondary factors when shopping for caravans on sale, but did you know there is a list of added accessories you can purchase to make your life easier? 

Whether you’re on an adventure through the outback, exploring the bush or enjoying a scenic drive along the coast, take your camping experience to a whole new level of sophistication and pleasure with our list of Luxury Must-Haves. 


Space can often be an issue when living in a smaller area. When shopping for caravans on sale, consider having slide outs included in your caravan build for flexible space usage! Having slide outs allow you to conveniently stow away space that isn’t needed to make the best of what space is available. Slide-out designs often include living, bed or dining sections which allow you to enjoy the comfort of practical living without compromising on the functional use of each space.

Portable fans and cooling equipment

Travelling in a confined space can often restrict airflow. It’s also no surprise that tensions can run high when you’re feeling hot and stuffy! Travel in comfort with our range of cooling equipment that helps keep the van at a temperature that’s right for you all year round.

Privacy screens and awning

It’s often a challenge when travelling on the road to have some privacy of your own. However, it would be wise to consider the value of privacy screens before getting caught in an awkward situation! Our range of privacy screens allows you to enjoy a space of your own when near other campers, and also serve to keep you shady and cool without boxing you in.

Digital Antenna for TV

Don’t forgo keeping up with your favourite TV shows when shopping for caravans on sale! Enjoy life on the road while staying updated on breaking news, or even the latest footy match, with a digital connection to the world back home. Live the best of both worlds with a wide range of television accessories that allow you to experience a unique caravan life.

Safety Fire Blanket

Safety first! Be a smart traveller and invest in a fire blanket as you never know when you might need it. It’s also good to have a fire extinguisher or a smoke alarm in your caravan so you can monitor and react when needed. While we hope to never have to use these safety accessories, enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have safety equipment in your caravan should something happen.  

Take your caravan game to the next level and invest in a premier range of caravan accessories tailored for comfort on the road! Feel free to contact the friendly team at Green RV on 07 5356 5000 or send us an email today.