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The Essential Check List for Any Caravan Holiday!

Brandan from Green RV shows you how to check over your Caravan before leaving on your next journey. Correct preparation is essential to a carefree holiday and can increase the longevity of your Caravan. For our basic tutorial and a handy pdf checklist, click below.



Check the windows are fastened and secure.


Check that all the cupboards are closed.


Make sure that the table is folded and out of harm’s way.


Make sure the air vent is locked down.


Retract the TV antenna.


Switch fridge to 12-volt mode.


Put shower head in towel and lay it on the shower floor so that it doesn’t come loose from the holder in transit.


Power down the Caravan electronics.



Ensure the stairs are retracted so that they are secure and will not rattle while in motion.


Close and lock the entry door.


Wind up the stabilising legs and lock them in place.


Lock in the outside awning so it doesn’t come out while moving.


Check the outside locks, boots, hatches and any other outside storage units are all locked.


Make sure that the water fillers are locked.


Close and secure the front and any other window shields.


Check the gas bottles are screwed tightly shut.


Unscrew the jockey wheel and make sure it is removed and placed in the storage area.



Double check that the coupling is securely on.


Turn the handbrake off.


Connect the chains to the back tow-bar of the car.


Attach the brake safe cable to the back tow-bar as well.


Plug in the trailer light connector into the back of car.


Test that lights are functional.


Then you are ready to leave for your adventure.

If you have any question or queries let us know in the comments below. We would be happy to help.