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Creating Your Caravan’s Personality

Creating Your Caravan's Personality

Nowadays, more and more models of caravan are delivered with interiors featuring exceptional design quality and finishes. However, our home on the road is often overlooked when we think about personalization. Even though we spend so much time enjoying travel and holidays in our caravan; factors such as resale value and avoiding loose items that can move around whilst on the road can be a deterrent for customising your van.

This article is all about customising your home on the road to match your family’s personality whilst remaining practical.

Now we aren’t suggesting going and fitting a chandelier above the bed – Certain modifications that can be made aren’t necessarily going to make life easier and this should be kept in mind before starting out with the interior design of your caravan. Loose items will end up on the floor, so proper precautions made will ensure a fun journey with those creature comforts to leave you and your families with fond memories of your experiences.

With this in mind, we have created a list of categories that can be personalised without having to make any major changes to your van in a cost effective manner:

Colour, Entertainment, Art, Comfort

and Practicality.


The first step to finding a nice colour scheme for your caravan is to figure out a tone pallet of colours that match. There are plenty of examples of colour pallets online which can help out when picking colours to accent the caravan. Generally, the caravan that you have chosen will have a certain colour scheme to it, which can be easy to add to or modify.

Autumn or Earthy Tones for Caravan Interior

Sometimes it can be just adding a splash of colour with pillows or curtains and adding some small items around to create that pallet. Here is an example of a black and white colour scheme with a splash of yellow created by Don and Lana Lamb. Some Modern paintings in the greyscale along with matching bedsheets and small additions of colour make the interior pop in an artistic way. (image below)

There are plenty of examples from Google Images of different colour options to create from interior designs. The colour pallet (above) is some options for Autumn, including warm home colours and some cool tones which will match the scenery nicely at this time of year.

customised caravan interior


Modernising your caravan can be a way of getting the kids more interested in your adventures away from home. Upgrading to a wall mounted TV screen with a digital set top box to catch those shows you are missing, a Wii system in a small cupboard for some active fun at night or even upgrading the old cd player and sound system can do wonders for the atmosphere in an old caravan. The latest caravans out generally have most of the creature comforts such as USB charge points and multiple 12v charge points for charging any gadgets, but if you want to do away with the tech gear on your trip; small additions such as an extendable table tennis net to turn any surface into a ping pong table, or including a bunch of games can keep everyone entertained even if the weather takes a turn for the worse.


Adding some small art pieces, a picture of Homer Simpson, or even just some pictures you and your family from trips away in your caravan can be a great addition to the van, just remember that some industrial double sided tape is probably the best option to keep these items stuck to the wall and not on the ground. The colour scheme of your caravan can also be matched with the art that you have on display to add to the atmosphere. (see Colour above)


Industrial double sided tape is your friend with moving objects. We don’t advise sticking every individual item down such as knives and forks, but it can make travelling a lot easier when you do not have to move the small vase you have on the bench or put all of the art in drawers when it is fixed position. In addition, there are some great little extra storage racks that are available at hardware stores and Ikea etc that hold spices, condiments and small items that can be stuck to the inside of the cupboards for a fixed storage.

Customising your home on the road to match your family’s personality whilst remaining practical can really add to the experience of your holiday. Do you have any tips or tricks for adding a personal touch to your caravan, maybe you have already decked out your home on the road to your personal tastes? Send us some pics or leave a comment to let us know!