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Experience an Aussie Caravanning Holiday Over Christmas


Christmas caravanning holidays are our favourite time of year. I think we can all agree that any time friends and family come together, it’s a special event. The best childhood memories to look back on is always the Christmas season, so why not make it extra special and take your celebrations somewhere new this December?

Despite the crowds and higher camping fees, campgrounds are some of the happiest places to celebrate the festive season. There’s nothing better than walking through the park and looking in every direction to see smiling faces, plenty of laughter, party hats everywhere and the warm welcome from neighbours all around. Aussie caravanning holidays are incredibly contagious, and with a little planning, you can make this Christmas season the most memorable one yet! So, keep reading on to learn our top tips for booking in your next festive caravanning holiday.

It’s Christmas! Prepare for a caravanning party!

Christmas is all about quality time and enjoying the people you surround yourself with. So, with that being said, we highly recommend you are prepared for the number of mouths to feed, drinks to keep cool, entertainment to be had, gifts to given and festive decorations to hang up. Party planning for family gatherings is always stressful, but when Christmas day comes around, there’s nothing better than the feeling of relaxation and no-stress. 

Book your caravan site ahead of time!

You’re not the first family or the last, to book a caravanning holiday over Christmas. With this in mind, we highly recommend you do your research and secure your camping site ahead of time to avoid missing out on waterfront views and the best park locations.

Be prepared for anything!

Water, amenities, fire, power, gas or recreational toys; these are just a few examples of different caravanning holiday necessities you might need and forget about when packing for your Christmas holiday. So, you’re probably wondering “how do I know what to bring?” The answer is simple. Research the location of the campsite you’re staying at. How do you get there, is it far from surrounding towns, what can you do for entertainment, how will you cook, sleep and provide shelter? If you can answer these few questions, you’re on your way to being efficiently prepared for anything!

Expect crowds

Coastal crowds are very common during this time of year, as most families love beating the Summer heat with easy access to the ocean. Kids entertainment is made easy with the abundance of children and opportunities to make new friends. However, if all the mayhem is too much, why not opt for a quieter location in the wilderness or rainforest locations? Obviously, there are no guarantees anywhere will be completely secluded, so it’s worth doing your research and booking ahead of time as mentioned. 

Don’t forget a maintenance check!

This is an important tip that we cannot stress enough to all of our customers at Green RV. Booking in a maintenance check on your caravan and towing vehicle is vital for ensuring you can safely travel whilst on the road. Research has proven that road accidents over the Christmas holidays dramatically increase, so keep your family and other drivers safe on the roads by booking your caravan in for a maintenance check at Green RV!

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