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Fraser Island 5 items to include in the packing list


Fraser Island the must-see destination

Green RV’s Marketing Manager, Joanna, explored the world’s largest sand island last week, spending 5 days on Fraser Island, in Queensland.  While holidaying, Joanna noted a few things that she found handy to have. If you are travelling in a caravan, it may be time to park up and brush down the camping gear. There are plenty of caravan parks your home on the road can rest at for a few nights while staying safe.  Fraser Island is a 4×4 adventure paradise so be sure to pack your camera, swimmers, fishing rods and beer ready to go.  Here are 5 extra things that come in handy when you visit this sandy island:

1. Plenty of Fuel

Fraser Island stretches over 120 kilometres with endless attractions you won’t want to miss, this makes jerry cans a must.  We found when driving on all the sandy tracks, the fuel chewed through quicker so was thankful to have a back-up. If you don’t pack extra fuel, don’t be alarmed, you can buy fuel on the island for a staggering $2.60 per litre!

2. Fire Wood

Frasier Island is a part of the Great Sandy National Park which means fires are only allowed in certain areas (Waddy Point has fire rings) and it is an offence to collect kindling or wood off the ground.  We were so happy to have packed enough firewood to continue our fire throughout the day, keeping us warm and cosy even though it was lightly raining most of the time.

3. Water Proof Jacket

As we all know, weather can be incredibly unpredictable with some days feeling like all the seasons in one.  As much as it is important to pack sunscreen, hats (Bunning’s hat a winner) and protective gear for the blistering sun we found having a light waterproof jacket to come in handy when the rain came, allowing us to continue our adventures care-free.

4. Two Dollar Coins

If you are one for luxuries and home comforts whilst you are on the island there are hot showers available at certain campsites, they operate with $2 coin for 3 mins of warm bliss.

5. Insect Repellent

This one is an easy one to forget to throw in the bag but will make all the difference to your trip.  mosquitoes and sandflies can be annoying to say the least if you are travelling to Fraser Island between Oct-March you will need your insect repellent at the ready.