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Tips before buying the perfect off-road caravan

off-road caravan

We’re only a short few weeks away from Christmas, and there is no better time than now to fulfil those nomad dreams and purchase an off-road caravan. At Green RV, we love off-road caravans as they have the body, equipment and frame that can take your next adventure anywhere!

Australia’s outback terrain isn’t forgiving, which is why we favour the rigorous build of an off-road caravan. Made to sustain the harsh Australian environment, are you prepared to travel through unchartered territory with an off-road caravan? If you’re inner-explorer is itching to get out and live, here are a few of our best tips for selecting the perfect off-the-grid recreational vehicle. 

Chassis & Frame

The chassis and frame of an off-road caravan are essentially the bones of the vehicle. When searching for an off-road caravan, look for a brand that uses high-quality steel. Do your research on imported material and ask for the design of the chassis as well. Some chassis’ designs are stronger than others, so ensure the off-road camper you choose is suited to the environmental conditions it will face.

Suspension & Ground Clearance

High-grade shock absorbers and springs for an off-road caravan are very important. This offers your vehicle ample clearance when navigating through tough terrain, as well as, shock transfer to the items within your caravan. Ideally, you do not want to scrape or damage the underbody of your caravan. These damages can gruelling and costly, especially if you’re far from home. Therefore, when provided an option to enhance your caravans ground clearance, we highly recommend making the investment.

Free Camping Capability

Chances are if you’re buying an off-road caravan, you’re planning to go off-the-grid at some point. A few tips we offer our customers when shopping around is investigating the capacity of your electricity and water resources. Most travellers find themselves running low on water before electricity. So, if it’s within your budget to upgrade your water system to a larger tank, we highly recommend.

Strong External Build

When enquiring about your new off-road caravan, a great question to ask a sales assistant or manufacturer is the vehicles build and body. High-grade chassis and springs aren’t the only external build necessities you should enquire about! Things to consider include:

  • Cabinetry build (glue, hinges, screws)
  • Aluminium frames 
  • How the body is attached to the chassis etc. 

Different manufacturers use different methods when building an off-road caravan, so we highly recommend chatting to a professional on the best model for you!

Are you ready to take the next step and invest in a new off-road camper these Christmas holidays? The team at Green RV are the industry experts who have helped hundreds of customers find their dream off-road caravan — interested in a new or used model? Take a look at our complete range here. Don’t forget to contact our friendly team if you have any further questions or enquires. We’re happy to assist!