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Top 5 Caravan Accessories to Make Life Easier in 2020

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Once you purchase a caravan and plan your first trip away, you’re more than likely going to discover caravan accessories you can’t live without. However, why should you wait until you’re on the road to the next camping event of 2020 before finding the perfect caravan parts and accessories exists!

To serve the unjust, new or even seasoned traveller, our experienced team put our heads together to knuckle down the top five caravan accessories that will make your life easier on the road. It certainly wasn’t easy. However, we managed to pick our favourite caravan accessories from the warehouse, which we can’t live without in 2020. Check it out below!

caravan parts and accessory - awning Caravan Accessory #1 – Awnings

A caravan awning is an absolute must-have for your next trip. A quick solution for shade when you’re stopping for lunch or pulling up overnight, they are great for creating an extra outdoor ‘room’ so you can enjoy the scenery. Awnings are an excellent addition for any caravan before your next trip.

caravan parts and accessory - portable fan Caravan Accessory #2 – Rechargeable Portable Fan

A rechargeable portable fan is a favourite accessory noted by our team when battling against the Australian heat. The IceO Cube Evaporative Cooler is a massive hit because the icy cold cooling system can be used in your Caravan, RV, Motorhome, Tent or Boat! 

caravan parts and accessory - generator Caravan Accessory #3 – Generator

Whether you’re planning to go off-grid or need some extra back-up power for lights, fans, a coffee maker, laptop or TV, having a generator on hand whenever you need is a fantastic investment for every trip, long or short. 

caravan parts and accessory - weight scales Caravan Accessory #4 – Tow Ball Weight Scales

These weight scales will help you to avoid any unnecessary fines or even worse, accidents. This scale is excellent for measuring how heavy your tow load is so that you can avoid decreased braking ability and excessive trailer sway. 

caravan parts and accessory - towing mirrors Caravan Accessory #5 – Towing Mirror

Specially designed for increased safety when towing your RV, our caravan towing mirrors are a must-have accessory to ensure your time on the road is as safe as can be. Giving you extra confidence and peace of mind.

People have been travelling around Australia in caravans, motorhome and RV’s for many years. Accessories and parts for caravans are designed to make life easier, more comfortable and safer for travellers anywhere at any time. Please ensure you chat to our team of seasoned caravanners to seek advice for caravan accessories that are suited for the lifestyle and budget you wish to live. After all, caravan parts and accessories are made to fulfil and improve your next adventure. 

Happy travels!