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Whitsunday Walkabouts – A Family’s Adventures on a Road Less Travelled

We are a family of four: Parents Chris and Lisa with our two boys Kybie and Bray. Together we are Whitsunday Walkabouts. We’re a young family from the Whitsundays who have recently sold our home and most of our possessions with a plan to set off on a journey around Australia.

We hope to inspire other families like us to take the risk and the great opportunity to pack up the car enjoy the great outdoors and unplug from your devices to get back to nature for a while.

As you can imagine, the shift from house to van was daunting but incredibly cleansing. We’ve learned that we don’t need the latest fashions and tech to be happy – and we’re actually much happier just being grateful for what we already have.

Our Approach to Travelling Australia

You will probably find our travels a little different to other families. We plan to travel the inland roads as opposed to the popular coastal routes. We want to show our 2 boys the side of life that they wouldn’t get to see otherwise. We don’t have a lot planned and we’re ready to just go with the flow.

How We’re Going to Get Around

Finding the right mode of transportation was our next challenge – we searched for so long and looked at so many different kinds of vans that they all started to look the same!

Until we found NEXTGEN vans at Green RV.

After a late-night Google search, I stumbled across Green RV and the NextGen line of caravans. After a bit of scrolling, it hit me like a cold fish to the face: The Limited Edition Family Bunk Van in a 21.5’ the only problem was it was a 3 bunk version and we only needed a 2 bunk.

This NEXTGEN van had everything that we need to travel around Australia with a family of four – solar power, full oven and stove top, 2 water tank and a grey water tank!

With a bit of back and forth from Jarred from Green RV (who was super helpful and very friendly!) we were ready to check out the van to see if it was everything the website was telling us it was! We were based in Airlie Beach at the time, but we were fortunate enough that Chris was able to drop by in his Semi on his way to Brisbane!!

With Chris in person and me on a video call, we both met Jarred ‘in person’ to see the van of our dreams. The first thing that struck us was the open plan layout – it’s so much more spacious than anything else we’ve seen. With all the bells and whistles we were after, we bought it on the spot!

Jarred and the team at Green RV were able to organise everything for us within 2 weeks when we were able to pick up our brand new NextGen caravan and we haven’t looked back since! We’ve gotten to know the entire team at Green RV from a mutual love of caravans and exploring Australia – and we’re more than happy to recommend them to anyone!

The Preparation Before the Trip

One of the big things that has really helped us get organised for our trip is that we lived in our NextGen for 3 months prior to leaving. So we had the time to tweak things and make life a little easier and the transition a little smoother.

During this time, we made the boys feel at home in the caravan with customised wall stickers and some curtains for privacy. They’re now calling their bunks their rooms which makes us feel like they’re going to be comfortable for the long haul!

They great thing about our brand new caravan, is that it isn’t cramped, so we were able to make little changes to make things a little easier and feel more like home. Like putting up shelves around the beds for phones and other bits and pieces, and pockets inside cupboards for easy storage solutions.

We were happy we were able to upcycle a lot of these things from our old van and other things from around the home. Why buy when you can recycle? 

All in all, we have settled into the gypsy life quite well. We have already seen so many beautiful places and experienced so much. We’ve had our troubles and sometimes we even wondered if we’d made the wrong decision – but in the end the positives far outweigh the negatives! The boys are learning more and more every day – they would never have had this opportunity if we were just stayed in one place!

We hope you will find out stories entertaining and informative and maybe one day we will meet you out here.

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